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The Important Work We Do: A Workshop With Jim Paluch


This valuable one-day program is only $150 for the first attendee from a NYSNLA member company and $125 for each additional attendee. 

Jim is a successful landscape professional-turned-business consultant. His presentation, "The Important Work We Do," will cover:

“What is it you do, anyway?” Understanding the meaningful work that we do, energy, inspiration and a driving purpose for why we are in business will keep a company thriving into the future.

Thinking differently and creating ideas to put into action. In a creative brainstorming session where best practices can be shared and better practices discovered, Jim will help you find ways to capture the purpose and vision of your company and apply it to your success strategy.

Creating organizational excitement – Energizing your team. Great companies create a great vision of the future and then challenge their teams to be aware of the things they must work on to achieve that vision.

Taking action. Jim will guide you in creating an action plan to implement one of the ideas you heard throughout the day and systematically work toward accomplishing a specific result for your career, sales, leadership, business or life.

Click here to register. Looking forward to seeing you there!