2019 New York State Fair NYSNLA Booth Volunteers

Provide your name, email and phone number, then click on the shifts for which you wish to volunteer. You must register by noon on Thursday, August 15 to ensure adequate time for your parking and entry passes to arrive in the mail. 

State Fair Sign Up

Check the time(s) for the date you wish to volunteers.

Volunteer Times
Wednesday, August 21
Thursday, August 22
[ ]10am - 2pm (Sold out)
Friday, August 23
Saturday, August 24
Sunday, August 25
Monday, August 26
[ ]10am - 2pm (Sold out)
Tuesday, August 27
Wednesday, August 28
Thursday, August 29
Friday, August 30
Saturday, August 31
Sunday, September 1
Monday, September 2
Total Fee(s)